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Our Team

We are a dedicated group of artisans, developers, learners, and language lovers
Tyler Nickerson
Tyler NickersonCEO & Lead Developer

A nearly life-long learner of Mandarin Chinese, Tyler Nickerson has held a passion for foreign languages since a young age. He began teaching himself Chinese in 2008, later going on travel across the Chinese mainland, twice. After first becoming interested in educational technology in high school, Tyler later went on to complete his studies in computer science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, earning money through summer work at edX and KAYAK. After his first company eDart shut down in 2014, Tyler began work on Linguistic the following year. In 2017, Linguistic won the prestigious Mason Emerging Innovation Award.

Learning: Mandarin & Korean
Erik Nadel
Erik NadelSite Reliability Engineer

Erik Nadel is a part-time contributor to Linguistic, applying his DevOps and software engineering expertise to the project. Previously, Erik worked with Tyler on the Autonomous Cargo Aircraft Project (2016 - 2017), as well as Fission (2014 – 2015), a short-lived distributed cloud storage solution. In his spare time, Erik enjoys cooking, drawing, and immersing himself in the Japanese language and culture.

Learning: German & Japanese
Akash Eldo
Akash EldoAndroid Engineer

A programmer, musician, and avid listener of Korean music, Akash Eldo is an Android and JavaScript developer based in the U.S. He heard about Linguistic after the company forked one of his GitHub repos, at which point he immediately became interested in joining the team. While in college, Akash interned at organizations such as Booz Allen Hamilton and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He contributes to Linguistic part time while pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and International & Global Studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Learning: Korean
Casey Callow
Casey CallowiOS Engineer

Casey Callow is a developer, designer, and musician with an obsession with learning new things. Fascinated by the human brain and its intersection with technology, Casey studied Human-Computer Interaction in college before joining a software consultancy in downtown Santa Cruz as a hybrid designer and developer. He later joined Udacity to engineer their design system, where he initially met Tyler. In his spare time he loves playing piano, doing yoga, and hiking with friends in the great outdoors ⛰.

Learning: Spanish
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