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Our Mission

The education system has been flawed for years. We hope to fix it.

For years, the education system has been criticized, scrutinized, and deeply flawed, especially in regards to language education. Current education treats students based strictly on numbers, judging character based on the scores received on standardized tests. In the classroom, students are treated the same regardless of their ability, leaving those struggling without the room they need to grow and flourish. As a result, the hunt for the ideal solution to individualized education continues, with big market players such as Facebook and Google joining the search. Within language education in particular, the need for individualized education is especially critical. Learning a language is no easy task, and each students learns and retains using their own personal methods. Even worse, the material taught within language curriculums is hardly ever reflective of the real world. By the time students finish their studies, they lack both the confidence and knowledge to actually speak their language outside the classroom. Outside the U.S., this problem is even worse among ESL students. Recent research revealed that out of the 300+ million English learners in China, less than 20% of them actually possessed the confidence and knowledge to communicate with a native speaker past menial conversation.

So, where does that leave us? Microsoft has long been infamous for its early mission statement: to put a computer on every desk, in every home. Since its inception, Linguistic has held a similar belief. It is our vision to put our software in the hands of every person who has ever studied a language, professionally or casually. We hope to integrate Linguistic into schools and business across the world, so that the next generation of language learners and free thinkers possess the tools needed to go out and thrive in our global society. We want students of all ages to be raised in a world in which conversations between cultures are both frequent and encouraged, putting an end to the bigotry so common in today's society. Most of all, we want to individualize education for everyone, putting an end to the self-doubt, intimidation, and reluctance that comes from approaching new subjects, and we hope to build this new future with all of you.

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