to every language learner's new best friend.

Introducing the first chat app specifically designed for language learners. Practice with people from across the room or across the world, all while automatically tracking your fluency.

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Mason's Emerging Innovation Award

Automagically match with language partners based on skill level.

With the tap of a button we'll instantly match you with a partner to practice with, catering to your unique skill level.

Don't understand something your partner said? Just tap it.

Intelligently break down your partner’s messages into its individual components. No external dictionary required.

Track your progress to see how you compare to everyone else.

We use a combination of language processing and scientific metrics to track proficiency automatically as you chat.

Beyond Language Exchange

Linguistic doesn’t just allow you to practice a language. It actively helps you learn it.

Proficiency Metrics

Linguistic is the only app to infer your proficiency in a language automatically.

Curated Conversations

Unlike other platforms, Linguistic handles partner matching for you.

Adaptive Technology

Linguistic actively improves your matches based on your inferred skill level.

Contextual Learning

Linguistic graphs your proficiency level against real native speakers.

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